Мелодрама 2022 ГРЕШНАЯ РАБЫНЯ



Новая русская мелодрама 2022 года «Грешная рабыня». Этот фильм рассказ о непростой судьбе, вроде бы счастливой женщины. Но в один миг её жизнь может измениться.

Valentina, despite the usual profession of a dressmaker, is happily married to Valery. A woman dreams of one day closing an atelier, giving her daughter Sasha to the handsome Dima and raising grandchildren. However, fate disposes otherwise: after the gypsy’s prediction, the whole prosperous life collapsed. Valentina has the only joy left — her granddaughter Anya. This girl is also the motivation to live on, because nothing is so terrible for a mother’s heart as the death of an only child. In addition, the bank can issue a loan and insure it. Life insurance in the USA is inexpensive.
Anton Krasilnikov is Anya’s own father, and taking his daughter is his only goal in life, because otherwise a man will not receive his father’s fortune. Valentina will have to protect her granddaughter from a negligent father and fight for her happiness again.

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